every Ukrainian -
we are saving the nation!

Inaction takes us every second away from victory, nullifies the efforts of the army of those who protect us on the front lines. Now is the time to act by joining the true patriots who are fighting for victory on various fronts. We created this FUND to help our compatriots – residents of the Pology district of the Zaporizhia region, who were deprived of their familiar and safe reality by the war, who were forcibly displaced, or are in temporarily occupied territories, in war zones. They need our help to survive. We believe, that we will be joined by all those who cannot be a bystander, who have a big kind heart and understand that every step on the way to overcoming common trouble brings us closer to the goal of freedom and sovereignty.


Humanitarian help
Legal protection
Participation in the reconstruction of civil infrastructure objects

We help the internally displaced population in Zaporizhzhia from the Pologiv, Berdyan, and Vasyliv districts

We help in the front-line territories of the Pologivsi district of the Zaporizhzhia region

Our resources

Warehouses of 1200 square meters in the city of Zaporizhzhia
Equipment for packing bulk products and filling water
Freezers with an area of 72 square meters, which allow you to store products at a temperature of -18 degrees.
3 specialized cargo vans of 2.5 tons
3 specialized cargo vans of 20 tons
medical assistance

Latest news

Thanks to the Association of Cities of Ukraine

The full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for 519 days. For 519 days we have been working side by side with the Midwifery Community of Zaporizhzhya region. We are grateful for the cooperation in carrying out joint measures to provide assistance to the residents of the Polohy community who suffered as a...

Once again, the volunteers of our fund, together with the partner “100% of Life. Zaporizhzhia”, delivered humanitarian aid to the residents of the front-line territories of the Vozdvyzhivka Territorial Community (Dolynka, Verkhnya Tersa, Dobropillia, Vozdvyzhivka). We are sure that such assistance is extremely useful, as it is able to provide food to the inhabitants of...

We help – we win!

Every day, our team works and helps in different directions. All this for the sake of our common goal – VICTORY! We are trying to create comfortable conditions for internally displaced persons who left their homes for their own safety. Today, together with the permanent partner “Ukrainian Federation of Food Banks”, humanitarian aid was received...

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