Children’s smiles are never too many!

Every good deed is a contribution to the future of the currently growing generations! CO “CF “WORLD. UKRAINE.POLOHY” began active assistance to children of the Polohy region, who saw the horrors of war with their own eyes. Today, we handed over LEGO sets for the Communal Institution “Support Institution of General Secondary Education “Suziria” of […]

With respect to people

Our Fund continues good works. On the eve of Easter. The management of PJSC “Pology OEP”, who became the founders of the CO “WORLD.UKRAINE.POLOHY”, taking care of the workers who, unfortunately, due to the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, left their homes and enterprises, and received the status of temporarily displaced persons, not only […]

Help is our main motto…

The need for help is not diminishing, which is why strong support is so important now. Our CO “WORLD.UKRAINE.POLOHY” pays special attention to care and respect for people who have left their homes. On April 12, 2023, residents of Orikhiv town, who live in the Zaporizhzhia city, received food packages from our partners UFBF. We […]

Together and only together – we can do everything!

The war divided everything into black and white. We change, grow, help! We are everyone who tries every day with all our might to make “tomorrow” real. We are help! That is why our team does not stop doing good deeds for the residents of Polohy district, located in the Zaporizhzhia city. Together with our […]

We stand by helping each other

Helping is the most valuable resource for each of us. Every day we continue to do goods and keep moving forward. No matter how much the enemy tries to intimidate us, we will continue to support the residents of the Polohy district who had to leave their homes because of the war! CO “WORLD.UKRAINE.POLOHY” united […]

Little sparks of joy

A child’s hand draws the word “war”. Unfortunately, based on our own experience, in this difficult time, a particularly vulnerable category is children – our future. Their fate was not an easy one. Therefore, we strive to create the future today, each in his place, supporting the families of military personnel. Today’s day ended on […]

Not in word, but in deed!

With joint efforts, we help our soldiers not by word, but by deed. Recently, the founders of the CO “CF” WORLD. UKRAINE. POLOHY” Denys Krylov and Oleksandr Lozychenko have already handed over a mobile bath complex for our defenders. Not stopping at what has been achieved, continuing the work started, our founders continue to assist […]

We believe and support our inevitable victory!

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, most of the Ukrainians have found refuge in other cities, leaving their homes. However, many families for various reasons are still in close proximity to the front line. Every day we try to help people not to despair, not to leave anyone in trouble. Together with our partner […]

Victory is near!

The unity of the people is our weapon. During a full-scale invasion, we gathered all our courage and strength into a fist, united and showed what real Ukrainians are capable of. For three days, our team together with CO “Network 100% of Life. Zaporizhzhia.” @worldfoodprogramme provided humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons in Orikhiv town, […]

Care. Help. Protect.

  By uniting, we become stronger and have the opportunity to make this world a little better every day with you! That is why CO “CF “WORLD. UKRAINE. POLOHY” together with ACTED Ukraine continues to help and care for the most vulnerable sections of the population. We are drawing new routes in the Zaporizhzhia region: […]