About us

"Someone's life is in your and our hands! Let's continue it together!"

“CHARITY FUND “WORLD.UKRAINE.POLOHY” was created on the initiative of Denys Valeriyovych Krylov and Oleksandr Mykolayovych Lozychenko. These are experienced, influential, caring people who directed all their capabilities and potential to the realization of the FUND’s mission. They are experienced, influential, caring people who have directed all their capabilities, all their potential to the realization of the FUND’s mission. They understand, like no one else, that the time has come to unite around a common problem, and only through specific actions can victory be brought closer. The purpose of the FUND’s activity is to provide support to the residents of the Zaporizhzhia region, first of all, to internally displaced persons from the blocked territories of the Polohy region and the population of the front-line zones. Polohy district with a population of 172,500 people has been partially blocked by the armed forces of the Russian Federation since the beginning of March 2022. Part of its territory is located in the front-line zone and is under massive shelling of civilian infrastructure facilities. Today, the district has already undergone significant destruction, Russian occupiers continue destroying important infrastructure and residential buildings. The number of victims among the civilian population, including children, is increasing every day. Significant parts of the residents of the district were forced to leave their homes, and some remained in the front-line areas. All of them suffer from lack of food and basic necessities. Most of them are deprived of any means of livelihood due to lack of work. Our FUND joined the movement of caring Ukrainians and the world community to help our compatriots with the most necessary things: food, hygiene products, and more.


o return people suffering from military aggression to a normal life, to quickly adapt them to the conditions in which they found themselves, to promote the restoration of the infrastructure of the Pology district from the consequences of the war. SAVING EVERY UKRAINIAN, WE SAVE THE NATION!


Because we unite caring people from all over the world around the plight of our compatriots - one of the cities of the glorious Zaporizhia region. In Ukraine there is no such thing as someone else's trouble, and Pology is hurting, like all other destroyed and plundered cities.